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Lawyers Federica Paniccia and Ylli Pace, President and Vice President of ImmediataAdr, Mediation Organization and Ministerial Training Organization, illustrate the advantages of civil mediation for citizens and businesses.

Avv. Federica Paniccia, why is mediation useful?

This is a tool that quickly provides effective solutions to businesses and citizens involved in legal matters in the civil sector. Anyone who has to promote a judgment regarding property or other real rights, inheritances, divisions, leases or loans, condominiums, health responsibilities, banking, insurance and financial contracts, defamation by press, can contact an organization by activating a mediation procedure, which will be completed within 3 months, with low costs. Since the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. 28/2011 to date there has been, according to ministerial statistics, the reduction of 40% of litigation in Italy. The agreement reached has the effective execution of a sentence with a result that is reached in just three months.

Lawyer Ylli Pace, what are the main tax advantages?

Article. 17, paragraph 2, provides that all documents, documents and provisions relating to the mediation process are exempt from stamp duty as well as any expense, tax or right of any kind and nature. The record of agreement is exempt from registration tax within the limit of 50,000 thousand euros. Article. 20 provides that the parties that pay compensation to the mediation bodies for the management of the attempt is recognized, in the event of successful mediation, a tax credit commensurate with the compensation paid up to the amount of 500 euros, amount that will be reduced to € 250.00 in the hypothesis of non-agreement. Mediation is an opportunity for the parties and is an instrument accessible to everyone. –


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